Azhar Aldamuratova.


COURSES «through enterprise».


             November 6 (I long remember that date), I took a very interesting meeting. For us to give «Kainar Bulak», where I live, came a woman named Rayhan. Journalist education, she met for the courses «Fundamentals of business», which was to take place in Almaty. I was introduced to the chairman of our village – Ms.Marzhan. She was looking for a her friend and found it in my face. Organizers of these courses was GS «Women's Association« Moldir »» (WAM), which I sent the Women's Resource Center (SWRC) Shymkent. Not so long ago SWRC Shymkent began working on the concept of GSH. Already, we have to come WAM employees and conducted training seminars to promote and enhance the GSH. Though I own them personally did not participate, but the very idea of a model GSH me very pleased. And when I suggested a course «through enterprise», I immediately agreed. Rayhan apay member SWRC, led by the remarkable woman - Karakulova Gulnara Karabaevna. Soon I met with her personally, she brought me up to date, all explained. We signed the contract. Women's Resource Center pays for my education, for which many thanks to them. And I, in turn, should in future apply this knowledge to train members of GSH. I am very glad that have the opportunity to pass such courses. But still I worried a little bit, because it is a responsibility! I try not to miss a single word, off the mouth of coach Svetlana Andreevny. I already have an idea, a business idea that in future I will make a reality. Also, I will apply their knowledge will improve, and teach all comers.

             In this difficult time when you need to rely mainly on ourselves only, such courses as «Fundamentals of business» is needed. Every day, our knowledge is replenished. The courses are very interesting and most importantly the coach we have a very good. Other times, we do not even notice, as time passes.

             I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of these courses and Gulnara Karakulova’s who believed in me and sent to school. Of course, how could not thank and express words of gratitude to our wonderful Svetlana Andreevna’s, which puts the soul in these lessons. Thank you all.


«Moldir». - «News». 2005, 3 / 4 (18), Almaty.