Gulnara Karakulova.


"Hot line" in prism of the public opinion:

present and prospects.


Social and economic problems of modern society, progressing unemployment were made problems with job placement in our country and abroad. The people of the able-bodied age, and particularly 18-45 years, undertake the attempts to provide their earnings abroad. However, there are a lot of problems with registration of documentation, legal entrance, legalizations and rights of activity of the tourist companies, organizing departure. There is a practice of activity of majority such tourist firms shown variety of breaches of legislation and according to it sad experience of many defrauded people.

It is enough problematic for our people to be abroad. There are some problems to live abroad because of people do not know their own rights, legislation of that country where they go. People prefer to look for more easy ways (they do not make official documents, insurance). Prostitution and procuring abroad are kinds of easy money. Girls and women prefer to earn much money using illegal short way. But they are caught to the net of a good working system of sexual slavery. Ways for keeping stability and prohibition of reception of superprofit are provided.

South Kazakhstan region is one of the reservoir, transport centre of the illegal dispatch of "alive goods" to the destination. Law enforcement agencies study deeply the system of the illegal dispatch, which is worked well at the present.

The statistics of provisional migration abroad showed the large number of the interested persons of age groups from 18 before 35 years without sexual of division to work abroad.

Monitoring of bells of "Hot line" consultations on problem of traffic Womens Resource Centre in partnership with Mission of the International Organization on Migration in Kazakhstan for 3 months shows that purposes of departure are said unwillingly, indefinitely, particularly by girls and women. In this connection, there is a real threat to become the victim of sexual servitude. The problem of the confidence and sincerity of answers of respondents in sociologies, psychologies is enough delicate question so the questions of sexual servitude are said unwillingly reserved and asked as usual questions about job placement abroad even under guaranteed anonymity. Special kind of work of anonymous "Hot line" and determined popularity of the first steps of life are made much questions on which were advised respondents.

During 3 months of work there were 330 bells: 145 women and 185 men. In December, 2001 there were 82 bells. 65 bells of them (79.2%) were connected with questions about job placement abroad, and some bells of them 23 (28.1%) were from women and 42 (51.2%) from men.

Almost all bells were connected with problem of earning. The consultant gave the recommendations on observance of the measures of the precautions on execution of documents, stay abroad and employment purposes. Opening and work of "Hot line" were informed in such local Mass Media as "Otyrar" TV channel, "Advertisement" and "Shara-Bara" newspapers. Negative reaction of some anonymous persons and tourist firms not having official licenses were as result of professional consultation on problems relating job placement. Rating of only official registered firms is raised making rigorous competition because of population has much information in this question. Bells with threats and demands of stopping consultations were as result of it. This incident which can be criminal was stopped due to protection of law enforcement agencies.

Such reaction on activity of "Hot line" is showed of need to inform a population, expansions of the circle of the persons interested in given information and sharing with such experience in the scale of the region and city.

There were 154 bells in January, 2002. 145 (94.1%) bells were about job placement abroad, 61 (39.6%) of them were from women and 84 (57.9%) of them were from men. There were other bells such as 2 bells about an emigration, 1 bell about an interest to commercial sex and 1 bell about a problem of the reunification with native abroad. As a whole, factors of the interest of respondents to knowledge on question about job placement were increased very much.

There were 94 bells in February, 2002. 74 (78.7%) bells were about job placement abroad, 32 (43.2%) of them were from women and 42 (56.7%) of them were from men. There were other bells such as 1 bell about an emigration, 1 bell about returning of citizens to Motherland and 10 bells about problems of family, relatives and near and dear people.

At the first view family problems of job placement are related to problems of loss connections with them. It means that there is a problem to have dependence (not always sexual) or sexual servitude especially it is young people.

The first steps of activity of "Hot line" are showed its importance. The professional consultation on questions on job placement, results of traffic will fill the vacuum between public opinions and agencies responsible for questions of migration, job placement in republic and abroad.

The confidential relation to "Hot line" is a result of its long work. According to it many questions as marriage and divorce with foreigners, concrete examples of traffic, commercial sex, health, not considering by respondents but which there are in statistic data in the region can be least concealed.

The expansion of the sphere of knowledge of the population on questions of job placement abroad particularly, youth is an actual social problem of our region and a republic as a whole. It is a problem 1 for South Kazakhstan region as a transport centre of the illegal realization of traffic.


Sustainable Development. Information and Analytical bulletin for public organizations in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. 2 (32), March-April, 2002.