Marfua Tokhtakhodzhaeva



Marfua Tohtahodzhaeva was born in Tashkent, the architect of Education, has worked in this field 30 years, PhD. It was the founder and chairman of the Women's Resource Center in Tashkent, one of the first non-governmental organizations in the sovereign Uzbekistan. At the present time - an independent researcher and journalist.

Peru M. Tohtahodzhaevoy owned numerous articles on developments in the country, as well as research on women in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. In 2003, it was noted by international organizations in Tashkent as "Woman of the Year in Uzbekistan."

She is the author of the following books: The Daughters of Amazons. Voices from Central Asia. Shirkat Gah, 1996, between the slogans of communism and the laws of Islam / / Office of Regional programs. Vienna, 1999; Utomlennye past. Reislamizatsiya society and the status of women in Uzbekistan / / Office of Regional programs. Vienna, 2001; XX century through women's eyes Uzbekistan / Publisher "Natalis." Moscow, 2008.

The emergence of new interesting books about Uzbekistan always becomes an event. In Moscow publishing house "Natalis" book "XX Century eyes of women in Uzbekistan", compiled from oral histories, letters and records dnevnikovyh fifteen women, telling people about their lives and destiny. Their memories include more than 80 years - from the first post-years to the present day. By opening this book will soon discover that through all these silly stories suddenly begins to exude a direct portrait of Grozny XX century, reflected women's attitudes to women's consciousness.

"Each of our heroines carries a world of feeling and knowledge that have evolved under the influence of the era. XX century has to change Uzbek sign an era when everything changes very quickly - the originator writes books, Tashkent known journalist and researcher Marfua Tohtahodzhaeva. - Slogan 30 -ies' time - ahead! "could not be better characterized as described in the book of the period. What has been the recent past for people daily occurrence, now takes on historical value. Each of our heroines gives details of the events of his life, which allows it feel deeply the past: a life , The relationship between people, events and their impact on the individual to overcome difficulties, the persistence of personality, its own sense of importance and even purpose. Feelings heroines - humor, joy and pleasure, grief and suffering, their dreams, thoughts and actions - touch me, and I respectfully penetrate and hot sympathy to each of them. "

"Interviews with the Marfua Tohtahodzhaeva"

Фрагменты из книги "XX век глазами женщин Узбекистана"