Summer Womens Leadership Camp


Womens Resource Center has conducted Summer Womens Leadership Camp for 30 girls from 15 to 25 years old in the gorge "Mashat", South Kazakhstan region from July 01 to 10, 1999.

The main purpose is training of individual leadership qualities at girls, to give them a possibility to get interesting information for them, as well as to change by opinions with other women with the same age.

Training was conducted by the experienced trainers:

  • Gulnara Karakulova, a director of Womens Resource Center, a teacher of South Kazakhstan State University named after Auezov.
  • Gulsara Tlenchieva, a president of Almaty Womens Information Center.
  • Elmira Satybekova, a teacher of Shymkent Branch of International Kazakhstan Turkish University named after Kh. A. Yassavy.

There were following themes in the program of Summer Womens Leadership Camp:

        What legal possibilities do women have in Kazakhstan if they have the discrimination? There are addresses for taking of consultation and supports. The demonstration on facts concrete legal actions.

        Analysis of situation in Kazakhstan. Is a feminine policy in Kazakhstan? Who (the personalities, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and others) does the feminine policy in Kazakhstan? Are there differences among regions of the republic?

        Collection and data processing on discrimination of women in Kazakhstan. In what regions is it necessary support and training? What concrete actions can be done?

        Expressions, proverbs and sayings discriminated women in different languages (Russian, Kazakh, Uigur, Korean, German and others languages).

        Violence against women in Kazakhstan, concrete examples. The contrast with the situation in the other countries. What do the women do in the other countries to defend from the violence? What can women in Kazakhstan do against the violence?

        Why is number of the unemployed women in Kazakhstan much more, than unemployed men? How does the unemployment influence on women?

        How is NGO created in Kazakhstan? From a concept to a registration as a public organization.

        How can you create your own ideas briefly and clearly? How can you make applications?

        How can you develop the own projects in small groups?

        What is information? What purpose does Internet have? What advantage does it give? As organizations and institutions are connected to information network? What technical equipment is necessary?


All participants of the Camp are participated in the sociological research on themes:

1. "Sexual and reproductive rights of girls and contraception".

2. "Knowledge of girls about their own rights".


The got knowledge must encourage girls to democratic actions on different levels of the society.