In 2002 Women´s Resourse Center started a program «Service of Confidentiality», the main purpose of the project was attraction of attention of state-governmental institutions and of the public to the establishment of productive partnership and work on the solution of the problem of the preventive measures in home violence towards women and children, further development of the effective help services to the women and children in difficult situation as a result of home violence incident.

There is a confidential hot line functioning at the center, in case of the necessity, there is a shelter at the disposal of those suffered from the violence (we have 6 beds for adults and 2 for kids), medical investigation and juridical and psychological  consultations, either face to face or on the phone.

Information about the problem of home violence.

The Staff of the Center leads a systematical informational and enlightening work about the issues of violence at home and there is also a confidential hot line.

In the newspaper «48 hours. ACT» in the column of Women´s Resourses Center there are systematically articles published on the issues of human rights, there are covered such themes as home and sexual violence, human trafficking.  In mass-media there are constantly published announcements about the work of confidential hot line and existence of a shelter for women suffered from violence.


There have been designed and organized different trainings for school teachers in Shymkent city: «A couple of steps to the potential victory», «From conflict to cooperation». The purpose of these trainings has been to provide the information about violence, its causes, to teach habits and skills of cooperation, to teach the reaction in the settlement of conflicts, contribute to the formation of thinking habits and skills, teach to find the answers to the questions asked independently, make your own choice in making decisions. There were 25 teachers taking part in each of the trainings. During the trainings the participants received the information about violence, its types, cycles and circumstances of violence; they were explained about the notion of conflict, its types and methods of conflict settlement. There were such interactive methods used during the trainings as: brain-storming, work in small-groups, meaning and role plays, communicative games, warm-ups, feedback exercises and controlled discussion. At the end of each training there were distributed some hand-outs: «Security plan», «How to avoid conflict in communication», «How to control your reactions and decrease feeling of anger», «How to localize Êàê ëîêàëèçîâàòü òðåâîãó».

Psychological help.

The majority of those who ask for personal psychological consultations are women. All who turned for help received psychological assistance, which consisted in diagnostics, psychological investigation of personality and analysis of the present situation, selection of the ways in overcoming a crisis. There were used different techniques and exercises, Erickson hypnosis, Art-therapy (of descriptive, body-oriented, drama-therapeutic character). It helped in forming of the durable formation of the long-lasting image of «Self», receiving of certain therapeutic effect, expressed in qualitative changes of the condition, behavior, demands, overcoming of intra-psychic conflict, fears, complexes and reestablishment of psychological strength, actualization and solution of deep psychological and spiritual problems, finding purpose of life and harmony with the world.  

The most frequent reasons why women ask for a consultation with a psychologist are the marital problems:

·        Various types of conflicts, mutual dissatisfaction, concerning the distribution of marital roles and responsibilities;

·        Conflicts, problems, dissatisfaction of both spouses, related with the difference of views they have on the marital life and interpersonal relationships;

·        Sexual problems, dissatisfaction of one of the spouses in this sense, their mutual lack of experience in establishing of normal sexual relationships;

·        Difficulties and conflicts in the relationships of a married couple with parents of one or both spouse;

·        alcoholism, or illness ( psychic or physical) of one of the spouses, problems and difficulties, caused by the necessity of adaptation of the family to the illness, negative attitude to own self and to the people around the ill person, his family members;

·        problems and conflicts, related to the relationships, resulting from the struggle for power, influence and competition between spouses.    

For the purpose of repressing a partner, there are used different means possinble: refusal to lay in bed with the partner, humiliation, punishment for something; late arrivals home, or not coming home at all to give the evidence of own independence and sovereignty, blames and dissatisfaction because of the trifles to convince a partner that he or she is incapable of anything; sometimes even with the help of physical force; absence of warm feelings in the relationships, lack of sexual relationships and trustworthiness, communicative problems.

There are also teenagers turning for help. Teenagers come with the request to help them in getting rid of complexes and in solving of their personal problems. There are also parents coming because of their children, but as a rule, behind the mask  – there is a deeper sense to the problems of a child  – personal and interpersonal problems of the parents themselves, tat is why a psychologists helps with children as well as with their parents.