International Project for Women “Choose Leadership”

Project lifetime: May   to date.


Women’s Resource Center of Shymkent, Kazakhstan, and Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace  have been implementing the project on women’s leadership education.


The main idea of the project is based on the following four ideas:

1.      Men dominate in the majority of communities while women take subordinates’ positions;

2.      Both women and the communities in general win culturally and economically should the imbalance between men and women be liquidated;

3.      Positive leadership, i.e. the leadership useful for men and women, for rich and poor individuals, for those who have power and those who don’t, includes engagement, participation and horizontal links;

4.      Leadership that includes engagement, participation and horizontal links, requires effective communication.




·        To lighten the basics of the new type of leadership that includes engagement, participation and horizontal links , that has democratic nature, and broadens the abilities of women.

·        To demonstrate the features of real partnership based on the wish to develop social, economical and political basis for the dynamic and full value life.


The training consists of 12 lessons. The following topics will be discussed during the training:

·        Who is a Leader?

·        How Am I Leader in My Own Life?

·        What is My Vision?

·        How Should We Communicate?

·        How Can We Serve Diverse Interests?

·        How Will We Empower Each Other?

·        How Will We Find Shared Meaning?

·        What is Our Plan of Action?

·        How Do We Cultivate Our Skills and Talents?

·        How Do We Mobilize for Action?

·        How Do We Share Responsibilities and Results?

·        How Do we Define a Successful Organization?


The purpose of the project is to train the participants on how to develop their personal communication strategies and ways “to obtain the force”. Each participant is free to determine and choose the best tactics of communication, ability to listen, achievement of consent, development of socially valuable prospects, and, through all these means, to establish partnership relations at work, at home, and within the community.


Results achieved by September 2008


123 women from partner organizations representing various cities of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan passed the training. There women were heads of businesses, authorities, politicians, rural dwellers, students, and unemployed ones.  

The training sessions took place at:

·        The office of Women Resource Center (Shymkent, Kazakhstan);

·        Sairam Orphanage #  4 (Sairam village at Sairam district, Kazakhstan);

·        South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Saparbayev (Shymkent, Kazakhstan);

·        The office of the Women’s Rights Protection Society (Baku, Azerbaijan).


Opinions and impressions

of the participants of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

May 1-3, 2006


Duisekeeva Elmira.

I liked the seminar for leadership, it was held on the high level. I am satisfied – my expectations have been justified. I found out a lot of information for myself (tactics, strategy and philosophy of leadership). The organization of the seminar, style of holding, high professionalism of trainers and quality of distributing material were excellent. The atmosphere of the seminar was friendly, every day the potential and quality of the training’s participants were shown. The work in group was successful, I learnt to take the joint decisions and listen, as during the three days there were group discussions and collective decisions were taken in the studying of every topic. The group united, the friendly and well-wishing relations were established. I don’t want to part, I want to continue studying. All the topics of the seminar were understandable and interesting. The most interesting and at the same time the most difficult topic for me was “The creation of self-educating organization” because this information was new for me and also it was very important topic which required the holding of the separate seminar. The most useful topic was “The working out of the plan of actions”- this topic is close to the topic of my work.  I shall apply the acquired knowledge and skills in my further work as the member of NGO, hold the seminars, trainings, studies for bringing up of the new leaders. The knowledge in the field of gender politics will help me more actively to take part in the life of society. I consider that all information discussed and suggested at the training is useful and actual. I set an aim after the seminar-training – to enter the questions for bringing-up of leadership’s qualities in the plan of the School of positive thinking.


Merkun Ekaterina.

I am very pleased that I have taken a part in the training and got acquainted with plenty of interesting people. My expectations connected with the visit of seminar were fully justified. I got an opportunity of acquiring the new skills and knowledge, establishing the new effective relations. The most interesting topics for me were “The creation of the self-learning organization” and “Working out of the plan of actions”, these topics were the most difficult and arguing as it was the new information for me. At the seminar I learnt how to overcome shyness in the presence of some leaders and to stand upon my point of view. The participation in the seminar strengthened my self-confidence. The relations were very friendly and well-wishing in the group. I evaluate the work of trainers to be of excellent mark. The information was given in the clear and exact way. The combination of the theory and practice was used skillfully. They could take the strain off and waited for the right moment. I liked that the playing methods were used. The distributing material was excellent. After this training I shall be more attentive to the events surrounding me and undoubtedly I shall not be indifferent to it. I want to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in my work: for the choice of the leaders in the school, for the work with them and for tutorship. I plant to hold a number of open Discussion Clubs and open arrangements in the school on this topic.


Narymbayeva Sayara.

In general, the seminar made a good impression on me. I liked the work of trainers especially; everything was on the high level. The most interesting topics for me were “Our vision”, “How to work out the common perspective”. Because having our own vision and our view of the current situation plays a great role in the solution of the problem and realization of ideas; the working out of the common perspective defines the development of opportunities in the future.  I consider that the most useful topic of the training was “Group activity in the widening of possibilities of other people”, for the common work in unity brings the great opportunities in the solution of the set aims. The most difficult topic of the training was “How to allot responsibility” because the leaders accounts it and the right organization of labor and precise distribution of duties defines his problem. At the training I got acquainted with very interesting people, each of them was a strong personality and leader. During the holding of the seminar the participants of training became friends and like-minded people. Especially the group activities united all. Each of the participants had her own peculiarity, her approach in the solution of the problem which showed their high level and experience. All the topics of the seminar were useful and actual. The expectations were justified.  The seminar strengthened my self-confidence, energy and importance of the leader. My mood is cheerful. I want to apply and share the experience of the leadership and perfect this tendency. My slogan is “No limit for perfection!” I want to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in my work.


Trouyan Olga.

Good mood, I am full of energy for the work and can contribute to the public activity. Although the studies were held on holiday’s days I participated in the training with pleasure. I feel good and I acquired an experience. I feel as I have the wings on my back. Evaluating the seminar in general, I consider that it was held successfully and the expectations were justified. All the topics of the seminar were understandable. The most interesting topic was “Our vision” because it was the opportunity to express our opinion and listen to the opinions of others. The most useful topic for me was “How to take the various interests into consideration” because this problem is faced with more often in our life. The most difficult topic was “How to realize the mobilization for undertaking actions”. I want to say to the organizers and trainers: “Thank you very much!”. I consider that the organization of the joint work of participants was great. There was enough time for the training and all the used exercises helped to understand the themes. During the training I learnt to work better in groups and to take joint decisions as all the exercises were based on work in groups. The changes in the group were clearly monitored as you did not know the participants well on the fist day; on the second and third days everybody got acquainted with each other, united in one collective and things were going swimmingly in the group. At the beginning of the seminar it was difficult for me to cope with the work as I was the youngest participant, but further the difference in the age was not so vivid and the participants of the seminar considered my opinion. I got acquainted with very interesting people and found out a lot of things from them. I am going to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the work of Discussion Club “Support of creative youth”. I consider that there were no superfluous things at the training as there is no superfluous information in the life of a person. “Live out the century, learn out the century”. After the training I set an aim – Not to refuse from the contemplated plans, to self-educate, to continue working and spread the information got at the training among the friends, schoolchildren and students.  


Konarbayeva Zauresh.

I liked to study during all the three days of seminar. The mood was good, I felt wonderful and got a great supply of leader’s qualities and opportunity to show them. My expectations of the seminar were justified. I got the full knowledge on all the themes.  I want to thank the organizers – SWRC, trainers and their partners from WLP. All the three days of the seminar were spent in the well-wishing, cheerful and natural atmosphere. As our seminar started on the 1st of May – Day of Union, this event was the cause of the unity of our team. Al the participants of the seminar exchanged addresses. I became firmly convinced in myself as the leader, in my oratorical abilities and abstracting skills. The analysis of leadership’s examples of the whole world was useful for the understanding of difficulties and new possibilities which have been presented by the leadership. All the topics of the training were clear, interesting and useful for practical activity in the further development.  The most interesting and useful topics were “How to widen the possibilities of each other”, “The creation of self-educating organization”.The trainers could clearly and exactly inform the participants and they also built up such atmosphere in the group in which it was easy for the participants to speak about their personal and professional things. It is significant to say that there was an excellent distributing material. I shall apply the acquired knowledge and material in the holding of the similar seminar-training in our Center of social adaptation of women and children of the town Kentau. I shall recommend my relatives, friends and colleagues to take part in these trainings.


Verteeva Galina.

The seminar was very interesting; all the questions considered there were actual ones. The topic of women’s leadership is timely. The quick speed of the work mobilized our attention and resources. All my expectations were justified. All the topics were covered in a clear and understandable way. The most interesting topic was “The creation of self-educating organization”, and the most useful topic was “How to work out the plan of actions”. I learnt to work in group and to listen to others as I consider that I should be more patient. All the participants were interesting people; the closer acquaintance united the group; I felt free and got the use of the discussions and exercises. I liked that the seminar was held in informal atmosphere; the exchange of the experience and information was unobtrusive. I constantly compared my level with the other participants’ levels and analyzed the perspectives. The organization of the seminar and prepared distributing material were excellent. I’ll use this methodic in the holding of teaching seminars, trainings for teachers, colleagues and schoolchildren.  The new acquaintance, all the acquired knowledge, information and gender outlook made me conceive the reality in the new way and to activate myself. The aim which I set – to organize the public union for work profile.


Shaibekova Raikhan.

The seminar-training “We shall choose leadership” has convinced me once again that I am a leader and as I like to study, undoubtedly the training has been interesting and cognitive. I want to thank the organizers of the seminar – SWRC and its partners WLP. Everything was great, the seminar was successful. All the expectations of the seminar were entirely justified. All the topics of the training were understandable, useful and interesting but the most captivating topics were about gender questions “How much sex is important”, “How to take the various interests into consideration». The most useful theme for me was “How to perfect the skills and abilities” where the theme of tutorship was touched upon. I consider that the term “tutorship” is the remnant of the socialistic past. Nowadays there are like-minded people and followers, and the person who shares his experience is a good example, teacher and ideal for them. In my opinion the participants became more cheerful and cleverer after the seminar.  The seminar became the manual of actions for me and molded my perception. I want to apply all the knowledge, which I got at the seminar, in the public life. The seminar made me more active. I set an aim after the training – not to give up and always achieve success. At the training there was an opportunity to discuss a lot, to ask questions and there were also a lot of practical exercises and excellent distributing material. The participation in the seminar helped me to get acquainted with a lot of interesting people with whom it was easy to discuss professional problems which appeared in the attempt to change the life and surrounding society. 


Lee Olga.

The seminar was held by the organizers successfully. Having worked actively for these three days I reconsidered my points of view on the situations which could be solved in the other way.  Working in the group I realized that it was necessary to get the use of the abilities of surrounding people (colleagues and friends). During these days I made friends with the participants who became more sincere and frank. All the expectations were fully justified, all the topics were understandable. The useful topic for me was “How to work out the common perspective”, and it will be useful in my work. I think that the interesting topic was “How to allot the responsibility”; the difficult and arguing topic was “How to broaden the possibilities of each other” as all the people are different. After studying at the training I want to become a leader in my own life. I shall work out the perspective plan of actions for the near 5 years. The participation in the seminar inspired me and aroused my wish to know more about technology and how to broaden the possibilities with the help of it. Today I have understood that I am ready for the active public activity for the welfare of our women.


Finkevich Ludmila.

I think that the seminar was held successfully. The organization was on the high level. The mood had been good for all these three days. The work in the group was productive, it was pleasant to communicate with all the participants, everybody was different but they could unite and work together well. The work at the training was dynamic and interesting. By the end of the seminar all the participants had become more active and sociable. All the topics of the training were understandable thanks to the trainers, they could explain all the ideas and information in a clear and understandable way. I liked that there were used playing methods and a lot of practical material; the experience was presented on the example of women-leaders from the other countries. There was constant exchanging of the experience, I expressed my opinion and listened to the others. I consider that the most interesting and useful topic was “How to create the successful organization”. After the seminar I set an aim to create my own organization. I want to share the acquired knowledge with the young leaders. I want to thank the organizations SWRC and WLP for the opportunity to participate in this training. I made a conclusion for myself: The participation in the seminar brought usage for my work, made better my communicative skills and development of personal qualities; it helped me to overcome the psychological discomfort and uncertainty in myself. 


Akhmetova Rysolat.

As I was the participant of the seminar “Leading to Choices”, so I was inspired by the stories about successful organizations, work experience of the leaders from three continents who formed the common vision of the problems and tasks of the women’s leadership, various points of view turned out for me to be of vital importance, understandable, clear, effective and actual ones. I shall apply this knowledge   in my practical activity in holding of the Discussion clubs on various topics. As leadership’s  skills are inseparable from communication skills, and communication during the discussion depends on quality of mutual relation, ability to listen, ability to work out  the perspective for establishing of partnership relations. The process of education helped me to broaden my opportunities of a leader; I have acquired the abilities that are necessary for me in my professional and private life.  




of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

January 19 - 21, 2007



Kh. Abdukadyrova.

I liked the workshop very much. During the workshop I learned much new regarding leadership issues. The structure of classes is good, it is very effective, themes are very interesting and useful. It was very easy for me to participate because I have an experience of leadership.


N. Vakhabova.

During the classes I gained much instructive information. I have never participated in such workshops, I liked it very much, the procedure was new for me. Intercourse, new acquaintances, joint problems solving, discussions of women’s problems and examples, where  women assert their rights and fight in which they participate and are victorious, all these inspire and we would like to change something in our lives, to help someone. It was very easy to participate because all issues were topical and sore. Homelike atmosphere brings us together and we would like to communicate more, to actively participate in discussions.


Kh. Sadykova.

At the workshop I had an opportunity to compare experience of women from other countries with our own experience, women’s rights and social and economic development. Substantial classes allowed us doing this. It was interesting for me to participate in discussions, I gained emotional support and energy from trainers and from other participants. Thank you very much!


K. Abikairova.

The workshop passed on a high level, I learned much about leadership, all issues touched upon in the workshop were interesting and useful. Most of all I liked the workshop arrangement, trainers were very courteous with participants, it is obvious that they are professionals who know their work. Also I liked activity of our women, their speeches, their solidarity. After the workshop I set a goal to myself – to be engaged in self-education more, to help people more. I have a daughter, to whom I would like to pass my knowledge for her to be a leader, and also to carry out suchlike workshops on leadership for women in my collective and in my village. I consider that we should attract as many women as it is possible, because they are worried about everybody.


K. Usipova.

I learned much about women’s rights and about leadership. It was easy to communicate and participate because the atmosphere was unconstrained. The workshop was very interesting. I got free and learned to listen to others. I would like this workshop to be carried out also in Kazakh and Uzbek languages. I set a goal that I will carry out a workshop on leadership for my colleagues and definitely will commence my own business – a sewing workshop.


Z. Nurmetova.

Being a school director, this workshop benefited much for me, for me it was easy to take part in group discussions, it was easy to express my opinion and it was interesting to listen to other’s opinions. I believe if all women start speaking about existing problems they will be heard and every woman will understand that she is not alone, and together, joining, they could achieve much.


Usenbekova R.

All classes were very interesting and useful, friendly atmosphere contributed to free communication with each other. I actively took part in all exercises which were provided by trainers in a very accessible and visual way. I would definitely like to carry out suchlike workshops in my rural district. I set a goal: to open a weekly column in mass media about active women.


N. Pavlova.

I liked the workshop very much. Participating in discussion there emerged a possibility to express my own opinion, bring to people my point of view, evaluate my leadership skills, learn what problems women-leaders from other countries have, it was interesting to listen how they solve them and to whom one can turn for help and assistance. Thanks to the workshop I gained much useful information and great inspiration. Women, joining together, could achieve everything! After the workshop I set a goal – always go forward, take responsibility and may be help to many people. The main thing, it is necessary to believe in own strength, seek for like-minded persons, self-improve, learn, believe in own strength, show mercy and not to despair in any situation.


A. Medeuova.

Thank a lot to organizers for the carried out workshop! We learned more about women’s problems, how they solve them in other countries. All classes were very interesting. I felt at home, enriched my knowledge, learned how to work in group; exchanging experience we could achieve great results. I worked 15 years as a school director and know that man in a collective very often set at defiance with women. I would like suchlike workshops be carried out as often as it is possible in all rural districts of our region.


R. Uralbayeva.

I liked the workshop very much because all storied were taken from life. I would like video films to be shown about active women. Participation in the workshop helped me to acquire new friends with whom I am planning to communicate and keep in touch. I would like to carry out suchlike workshop for village women, I will actively participate in a social life to raise a standards of living of our women.


Z. Gazibayeva.

During the workshop I leaned much about leadership, I felt more active and confident. I liked to take part in making decisions in a group; I will use gained knowledge in my family life and at work. I also liked trainers’ work, who created atmosphere in a group where each of us could express her ideas and express her point of view. I set a goal: to strive for making benefit to other people and be useful to our society.


Abdazimova P.

I liked that discussed problems were familiar with problems of our village. I learned much interesting, adopted experience of others, got acquainted with new people, learned to develop perspective and work in a group jointly. Thanks a lot to WLP, Women’s Resource Center for afforded opportunity to participate in such workshop. I set a goal: to be engage in accomplishment of the village and carry out an action on planting of greenery in Karabulak rural district.


G. Narkulova.

I liked that we communicated and discussed topical issues. I would like to thank organizers for carrying out of the workshop. It was easy to participate. During the training I learned how to listen others’ opinions. I would like to create Women’s Educational Center, the purpose of which will be increasing of women’s role in a contemporary society via consultations, training. Working as an organizer I would like to carry out classes on leadership among foster-children of orphan asylum for the purpose of increasing of self-government, as far as it is possible to teach and carry out several workshops in my collective.


B. Gadzhiyeva.

It was easy and great pleasure to participate in this workshop, be simple and without complexes. It was easy to participate in group discussions and make decisions, I liked the work; during the workshop all participants became a single team, everybody felt necessity in each other, I understood that if to join women, they could do everything, the main thing is desire! Ahead and ahead, without looking back to old things, without complexes and fear, that something can be wrong! I am from Azerbaijan, I would like to return to my motherland and apply all acquired knowledge there for my people.


K. Tashmetova.

I liked the workshop very much, I am very glad that participated in it. Thanks a lot to organizers. The atmosphere was friendly, this contributed that I closely got acquainted with all participants. I enriched my knowledge about leaders from other countries, I gained much from experience of women-leaders for my work. I would like to establish my NGO on women’s rights, promote and support women who will be candidates as deputies. I would like to carry out workshops on leadership for women of Sairam region.


B. Sharakhimova

I liked exercises with concrete examples, this stimulates me that I will hold more actively a social work involving women. I will pass acquired knowledge to others. During these three days at the workshop all participants became closer to each other, more tolerant and more attentive.


S. Kairanova.

It was very easy to participate in the work of the workshop because confidential relations formed between participants, there was an opportunity to work with each participant of the group. I would like to closely collaborate with Women’s Resource Center, to pass all acquired knowledge to my daughter for her to be independent and confident in life. After the workshop I would like to establish my own NGO “Karlygash” on solving of social issues of indefensible layers of society.


Participants’ quotes

of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

February, 13-15-2007.



Isaev Kanatbek.

I can say in the firm belief that I got energy for all 100%. I found out what qualities should be in the real leader, how to take the effective decision, make up my own vision, work out the perspective and plan my actions. The activities were very interesting, the discussed problems were very important, I got much useful knowledge. It was easy for me to participate in the discussions and most of all I liked to work in group because it was very important for me to listen to everyone’s opinion and to be able to work in the team. Before the Workshop I considered myself to be just an active student but now I understand that I can also be the leader! I will aim to be the leader in everything. I always try to achieve my aim. I want to get the use of my leader’s potential and to change the life of students, to hold the conferences, actions on different topics concerning the students. If I had the possibility I would change the world to the better side, there would be no interstate collisions and wars. All the people would live happily in the peace.


Kambarova Zamira.

During the Workshop I got a lot of important information: how to broaden the possibilities, how to communicate effectively and plan the activity. The Workshop helped me to open my own possibilities for the achievement of my own aims. The real stories about successful organizations became the stimulus for me and helped me to believe in my own strength and resources. I have never thought of myself as the leader but after the seminar thanks to the trainers I understood that I have always been the leader in my own life. I set an aim to go forward and not to turn back. I want to create my group of self-help and solve my own problems and also the problems of the village where I live. 


Bekbotaeva Makhpal.

The trainings were very interesting. The time flew by unnoticeably. At the seminar I had possibility to communicate, to find new friends, to find out a lot of useful information. After the Workshop I start thinking and treat the things in other way. Earlier I did not think about women’s problems in the other countries but now thanks to the real examples I see how to help and what actions should be undertaken.   All this encourages me; I want to change something in the life, to help somebody. Thanks a lot to “Women’s Resource Center” and the partners from WLP!


Imankulova Albina.

I am delighted with the Workshop! I liked everything: the organization of the Workshop, the work of trainers, and the structure of trainings. During the Workshop we communicated with each other, cooperated and jointly took the decisions, it promoted the unity and close relations, the group became the united team. The Workshop was held on the high level, I found out a lot about communicative strategies and how to work out the plans of organization development, the various organization criteria of successful training. My aim is the share the acquired knowledge with the students and friends. 


Tazabekova Elmira.

I found out a lot about women’s rights and leadership strategies such as effective communication, listening skills and achievement of mutual understanding. It was easy for me to communicate and participate because the atmosphere was unconstrained and the mood of the participants was also good. The training was very interesting. I would like to attend such training in Kazakh language. Thanks to WLP and Women’s Resource Center! I wish prosperity for your organization!


Babakulova Ainur.

The participation in the Workshop helped me to get acquainted with new people and find the friends; it helped me to understand the problems which appear in my everyday life. During the Workshop I became more confident and liberated, I felt myself as the leader. The examples of the leadership helped to comprehend the difficulties and showed the new possibilities which are presented by the leadership. I will share the acquired knowledge with my relatives and friends, apply them in everyday life.


Tekibaeva Zamira.

I liked that unlike the other seminars we could easily express our opinion here. I liked the substantial discussion of the topics and the work in groups. Earlier I have never thought about the future and after the Workshop I began to build up the plans, the new ideas came into my mind. All the topics were interesting and inspiring. Thanks to the Workshop I learned to set an aim, to plan and got the great support both from the trainers and participants. Thank you very much!


Seisenbekova Asem.

I liked the Workshop very much because I found out a lot of new things about the leaders and organizations from the other countries. The discussed problems were very useful as they touched upon the most important topics of our society. It was easy for me to participate in the discussions as I felt the support from the trainers from one side, and from the other side I am a very sociable person and I have an experience of participation in such kind of seminars. I would like to thank the organizers of this seminar!


Myrzabekova Saltanat.

I liked to participate in group discussions because the participants’ answers and unusual solutions of the problems were very interesting. It helped us to learn to listen to each other and to take joint decisions. Earlier I have never participated in large seminars as this one but I always wanted to do it and now I am very glad that I attended this training. The participation in the Workshop has improved my communication skills and increased confidence in myself.


Bagdavletov Nurken.

I liked the solidary team of trainers; I liked to watch their friendly and democratic relations. The Workshop was great, I found out of useful and interesting information on the examples of leaders from the other countries. During the discussions I developed my oratorical and organization skills. I will aim to be the leader in everything and to develop my leadership qualities. I want all the people live in peace, I would like to be useful for the society and be the worthy citizen of my country. 


Bimurzaeva Alia.

Before the Workshop I set an aim to be more confident and actively participate in the exercises and I think that I have achieved this aim. I understood that in order to achieve anything in life it is necessary to study and work a lot; having united all these things it is possible to solve any problem. The Workshop inspired me and I think that the knowledge acquired at the Workshop will help me to be the real leader! I will realize them and share them with others.


Uskembaeva Dilnora.

Thanks to WLP and Women’s’ Resource Center! I would like that after the Workshop each participant become more confident in himself (herself) and learn to overcome the fear. I liked this Workshop very much; all the exercises were inspiring as they were taken from the real life. I found new friends and followers with whom it is easy to discuss personal and public problems. I will recommend to my relatives and friends to  participate in such trainings.


Spanbetova Sholpan.

I learned to work in the team and think in other new way. The contents of the discussed examples are very similar to our living conditions in the village and that is why they are understandable and close for me. After the Workshop my soul was inspired and I became more confident, new ideas appeared for the solution of the problems. I liked that we did not criticize anybody and jointly discussed the problem. I reconsidered my point of view about the perfect world. I believed that if we want to change anything in this world we can do it.


Turginbaeva Laura. All my requirements and expectations are satisfied. We learned to listen to the others, to express our thoughts openly and communicate unconstrainedly. All the participants came to the joint understanding of the problem by means of the dialogue, all the members of the group learned to value and respect each other. I am very glad that I participated in such Workshop and I would like to thank you.


Kaldarova Bayan.

As I study in Kazakh and speak in Kazakh too it was difficult for me to discuss and to express my feelings in Russian. But in spite of it I liked the Workshop. I understood that even the most complicated problem can be solved and there is no need to despair as we are not alone in this world. We felt unity and feeling of community, we learned to respect each other. The work in group united and supported us. 


Tolebaeva Akmaral.

Great Workshop. Thank you! I got mass of positive emotions and supply of energy. I had a dream to participate in such Workshop and it came true. Everything was interesting and cognitive. I found out how to solve my problems and help others, how to plan correctly and set aims, how to plan the perspective. I felt as I was the leader. Thank you and I am grateful that  you are with us.


Pombaeva Lazzat.

I understood that the real leader should possess such qualities as patience and ability to forgive. In 2002 I quarreled with my sister and hurt her feelings. I want to change myself, to change the situation and to become reconciled with her. I want to be the strong and confident leader. It was easy for me to participate in group discussions, to share my thoughts and to communicate with others. I think that I have time in order to reach my aim.


Sarsenbaeva Lazzat.

I am very glad that I have participated in such Workshop which helped me very much. First of all I worked out the perspective for myself; secondly I got an emotional support, worked out the plan of actions. Now I will do my best in order to realize it. I will continue working in SHG and solve the socially important problems in our village. I am convinced once more that having united together it is easier to reach the set aim. I would like that the distributed materials should be in Kazakh language.


Participants’ quotes of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

April, 24-26-2007, Azerbaijan, Baku


Shiraliyeva Dilara.

People become leaders when they feel the need in doing something on some problem. It is necessary to start activities, organize some campaign, or program.

At the Workshop we learned that leadership is making influence on other people.


Bayramova Shafag

I realized that it is necessary to change the laws that sanction and ignore the crimes against women. Concrete case was the influence. I think the source of the leadership is in the personal characteristics. But situation can influence it.

I liked the Workshop. There were no standard methods, and good environment was formed during the Workshop.

I am grateful to trainers, the information I got assisted me to change my attitude towards me and others.


Sergeyeva Yelena

Life is motion. If you don’t move forward, you move back.

If your relation don’t get better, they get worse.

Leadership is the process of directing people for reaching the common goal.


Gurbanova Antiga

Be the power that chooses.

Thanks to this Workshop I realized that I must proud of the fact that I do good things to the people.


Asadullayeva Firuza

Let’s make compliments to each other.


Abilova Dilbazi

You believed – it will happen! There are no unsolvable situations.


Gasimli Ilaha

It was very good Workshop, I understood that I can overcome my fears and become leader.


Aliyeva Irada

I am grateful to the trainers for opportunity to discuss our abilities for making good to people.




Ganiyeva Nabat

Thanks to this Workshop I realized the self-responsibility for the social processes.


Novella Jafarova

You can develop your abilities at any age, if you want it much. Don’t make other to do the things you don’t want to do.


Seadet Benanyarli

This Workshop proved that leader must match with his period.




Participants’ quotes of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

September 26 - 28, 2007.



Sarmanova Maysara.

The most of all I liked work of trainers, their confidence in their work. The calm situation, discipline, unity of all participants, they thought all questions, answered exactly and clearly, additions were thought-out. Participation in debates was easy because there were already very literate leaders with experience. The seminar is very profound, it is possible to prolong it else on 1 day.


Almatova Raykhan.

She knew about organizations, concerning with problems of the women, children, elderly people in Kazakhstan and overseas. The occupations are interesting and useful, carry much information and train. It was easy for me to participate in discussions, because a situation was well-disposed, liberated. Now, my purposes were changed, I want a little more to participate in decision of the social problems, shall be more attentive to trouble poor layers of the population. I liked more a work in a group, to solve the problems together. It was very valid attitude to people and their opinions. I learnt emerge more liberally, express my own thoughts more concretely.


Sariyeva Aynura.

I have got to know new achievements on leadership and a purpose of this program during a time of occupation. I particularly liked the subject “My vision” and that Muhammad Yunus says that “poverty is made not by poor people, but institutes, which we surround ourselves”. I liked else scheduling the plan of actions, contact with leaders, their knowledge.


Dzhabaykhanova Hadisha.

I will use the experience of the work of foreign partners in my work because it is useful, cognitive, raises the knowledge. All were available. There was a good distributing material.         I changed, it is necessary to be more active in work for me, manifest myself. I liked work in groups and subject how to create the successful organization.


Sarseyeva Aygul.

I learned to work in group, to speak my opinion. I learned to communicate, to pay attention to  the different interests. I liked all though at the beginning it was difficult for me to participate, then when I closer got acquainted with all, it was become easier. I want to improve my own skills further. It was their own value in each sessions. I shall keep a check on that that occurs in the world. It interesting for me how leaders became leaders now.


Andreyeva Regina.

I got to know much interesting, differences between types of the leader, what necessary characteristics it is necessary to have to become the leader. The occupations were interesting and useful, it was easy for me to participate because all participants could listen and respect each other. I learned to present. I did it for the first time. I got to know that characteristics, which necessary to become the leader.


Kopytina Margarita

My cognitions enlarged, it was a rapport, tolerance. On seminar I liked accessibility, simplicity of the contact, as well as instances and experience of the decision of the problems and literacy of trainers. It was the most inspiring for me an Event Barium Ibrahim Magazu because it could occur everywhere, and we must not indifferently to pertain to such violence and lawlessness. We are obliged to obtain the extirpations such negative phenomena. Also I liked the experience and activity of Muhammeda Yunusa. He is an economist, this experience is useful for rural inhabitants of our region, I would like to develop here.


Alizhanova Galina.

The trainers nice and literate explained  the subject, all were thought-out, purposes were reached.


Shayakhmetova Nkrgulsim.

I have increased my own knowledge on leadership, I changed by experience and adopted the experience of others. The exercise and discussing the work of the economist Muhammad Yunus was the most valuable for me. Also it was valuable an unity of the command, beautiful selection of themes.


Zobnina Margarita.

I got to know with interesting, serious and sad texts, describing other world. I had the possibility to use the examples from distributing material in my work.


Urasheva Olga.

I liked the exercise to be united into the name of savings because I shall be able to help the people had trouble. I mobilize all my own power. It was possible to prolong the days of the undertaking the seminar, because program was much saturated.


Dzhubayeva Madina.

It was interesting to listen the opinion of others, be changed by experience, made sure that it is necessary to solve problems together. I got to know about the women in other countries, about their problems and ways of the decisions. It was easy for me to participate in discussions because it was possible to say my own opinion. I liked to work in group and present.





Participants’ quotes of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

April 14 - 16, 2008.


Nataliya Savchenko:

“The most useful lesson, which I have got is speak less, do more. If you work in a group, it is necessary to listen to all people of the group. To relate to people so, as you should like to relate to you. I have understood that it is necessary to achieve own purposes, do not to stop, go forward to your purpose”.


Marina Prosolova:

“I liked the lesson 3 most of all – “I do not see the reasons that poor people should be”, because it is main that poor and hungry people must be in the world”.


Lola Toykhanova:

“We created our hypothetical organization. Now I should like to create this organization in a real life. After learning I should like to achieve the carrier grows at my work, which I shall find”.


Naylya Tayupova:

“I have learnt to express my opinion, to work in a group. I liked all, particularly to do presentations, possibility to make a speech before auditorium. Else I liked the subject “What distribute responsibility”.


Svetlana Bocharova:

“I very reached much on the seminar. I did not even think that I would know so much. It is easier for me to be included in debates. The reason of it that discussions of a presentation at the blackboard feel yourself more uninhibited. I liked very much, as one of the groups have prepared the plan of a help for Barium and her family. It was prepared so professional that it is possible to use in a real life".


Alma Kaskabaeva:

“I realized that I had skills of a leader but it is else necessary to work on myself. Support of the trainers and other participants of the group are stimulated confidence for me. I have understood for myself much valuable and useful in respect of rights and protection of the women. I learnt to work in a group in a seminar and make a decision considering opinions of others. I liked that each woman has skills of leaders. It was revealed during the discussion of the project. I have understood that I must not be afraid anybody and anything, to achieve my purpose”.


Elena Solovieva:

“I have reached attention to myself and respect of the group in the seminar. I have put a purpose myself to become the leader and I consider that I already reach it. I became to communicate easier, to discuss a problem. The trainers created the nice situation, have disposed the people to one another, they participated themselves, giving us an example. Each subject and exercises were inspiring and interesting. We created organizations, selected the problems, made decision. My thinking was changed. The group became more liberating and open”.


Nataliya Bocharova:

“I have known as people fight with unfairness during the lessons. I have learnt much about the leadership in the seminar. It became to communicate and express my own thoughts easier. I liked all in structure of the lessons. I learnt many things: listen to the people, make a decision, and prove the innocence of the person. Now I will try to use my knowledge in my work, to help decide problems in my group.”


Gulinara Zhunisova:

“I have learnt how to become the leader in my own life during the seminar. Now I am not afraid to express my opinion, I became surer. I have learnt to make plans for organizations on the protection of the rights of the women. I have learnt of charities”.


Laura Rakhmetova:

“At the beginning it was discussed something hard because of great amount of participants. All subjects were very valuable for me. I have learnt very much for myself about than I have even never dreamed”.


Participants’ quotes of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

May 28 - 30, 2008.



Zaborskaya Galina, all exercises on leadership on the seminar trainers organized on a very high level, all was dynamic. It was participate in group discussion easy for me, our trainer - Gulnara helped to feel themselves more sure, always commented the under discussion questions, gave the direction on under discussion problems. During the participation I became easier to be included in debates, because I became easier to analyze the offered situations. For time of lessons I have known much new: about women - leaders in the other countries, about methods of their work, how to reach the put aims. The under discussion themes are all actual for me, they are from real life. I became more sure of myself.


Ramberdieva Akniet, a discussing the rights of the women, help to people at difficult minute, fight against violence of the women were the most useful aspects for me. Making the educational organization was the most interesting exercise for me. Due to trainers whole seminar was in well-disposed situation. Many women - leaders from the other countries, activity of which I have known from the seminar from text-book “Leading to Choices”, continue to work and Gulnara has shown us their photos. It is interesting learn of them and else see them.


Zakirova Zabira, the lesson ą 2 "As be a leader in own life" was for me the most useful because I need the advices for the further my job placement.

Due to lesson ą 6 "What increase the possibility each other" I knew closer with woman Dora, hard worker, having time per day to do much different necessary deals. She dances and she is a good psychologist. I have done for myself determined findings.


Alipbaeva Zabira, 3 "Its vision", 11 "What distribute responsibility", 12 "What define success to organizations" were the most useful for me.  Ideas and suggestions of trainers and participants were useful for me.


Sermanganbetova Luiza, it was easy for me to participate in group discussions because trainers helped us to gain the skills of work in the group, listen to opinion of others. All 12  themes were very useful and valuable. I liked the contact on seminar and I shall strive always to go only onward.


Abduraimova Kamila, on the seminar I have understood, when you will return the small part of yourself, you should return the best that in you there is. Work with people, help him to learn.  Lesson 4 "How to learn to communicate" was very useful for me.


Khe Dora, all lessons were very useful for me. I have revised my own views. The lessons have forced me to analyze many moments. During the lesson I have rendered the influence: ideas and slogans if I their speak them I seem that I shall be able to do and solve quicker. My thoughts began to work as programs.


            Amirkhanova Galiya, the most useful aspects, I consider the exercises, where leading qualities and creative abilities are revealed, where woman opens at contacts. And in general all exercises were interesting, but the most interesting exercises are "How to increase the possibility of each other", "How to realize the mobilization for action", and "how to define a success of organization".


            Milner Maya, the most useful for me on seminar “Leading to Choices” was that, when speech was about school, children because I have such problems. Also, a debate and a discussion on the theme: "People, which remained without houses" was very useful.  It was very useful education and as it is necessary to behave in some situations, important for life.


Rolinskaya Nina, all types of the exercises, debates were very interesting, inspiring and inctructive. As a result of this seminar I made a conclusion that never it is impossible back out of conceived to purposes, it is necessary to fight to the end, but within the framework of law.


Emenkulova Acem the most useful for me on seminar “Leading to Choices” was a contact. I liked free of some participants when discussing the questions, but I scrupled a little. I have known much new and useful about public organizations and movements all over the world and in Kazakhstan.


Laduta Svetlana, seminar “Leading to Choices” was very cognitive for me, it was considered many questions. Discussions in groups were interesting, listened to the opinion of each woman, all themes are from a real life. The contents of lessons is very available. In structure nothing no need to change, all splendid. I have gained the leading qualities.


Lesbekova Aygul, for time of lesson on seminar “Leading to Choices” I have known much new and interesting and all it will be useful in my life. I participated easy in discussions and in performing the exercises, I can be a hidden leader. I met with interesting people. Due to seminar I became more sure and shall be resolute in action. All purposes were reached.


Ongarova Maxat, In structure of the seminar nothing not to change, all fine! All types of the exercises, debates were very useful and interesting, inspiring to the following action, as well as very inctructive. I have got the useful lesson and beside I have ripened the idea on improvement of the position of the women in society, on functioning and in family, it is necessary only to act and not to think about difficulty, all are got if r with enthusiasm and confidence in successful upshot of the commenced deal itself. Beside I appeared one more purpose - be met with Asmoy Hader and ďîîáůŕňüń˙ with her. Gulinara shown her photo on the poster, where there were other women leaders, with whom she was met during the meeting.


            Sultanova Karina, At first it was difficult for me to participate in discussions, I did not know how to say the own opinion and at school I was closed. Due to help trainers and that they have said that all participants must try themselves in role of presentator, has forced me be well prepared. And I very pleased that emerged before all though much powerfully was agitated, but Gulinara helped me, wholooked at me and noded the head, confirming that I spoke all was correct. Thank you all.



Participants’ quotes of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

July 01 -03, 2008.



Tsyganova Kseniya.

 I liked a collective work in the seminar "Leading to Choices" and the main skill of trainers to listen to any standpoint. I participated in the role play "Notwithstanding differences" with pleasure and all rest participated people have manifested themselves as personalities. I shall more openly and certain to pertain to people.


Rysbekova Dina.

The training "My vision" was very useful and interesting for me where I have learnt to formulate my own prospect. I worked well for these 3 days to develop my own qualities of a leader, management abilities, to become more resolute, learnt empathize, clearly set the problem. I have learnt about new possibilities and their extension. I liked the situation, where we worked, conduct of the seminar by trainers.


Yazovskaya Ludmila.

I have got new information and has felt in the seminar that my knowledge and experience are need and useful for other people. The subjects of the seminar force to be conceived and show the creative abilities and desire to help people, needing for help.


Pak Tatiyana.

I pleased that I have participated in the seminar "Leading to Choices", has gained new friends, have learnt to make the perspective plan. I have got a useful and rich distributing material. I liked a friendly atmosphere, in which it was training.



Participants’ quotes of seminar-training “leading to Choices”

August 19 - 21, 2008.



Nataliya Kim:

"I have learnt to fight with my awe to appearance before auditorium; I have learnt to express my own thoughts and opinion correct and available in this seminar. I always thought on the question: What is a "Leadership" with viewpoint of youth, world community, and the other people, to hear other opinions, since I had only my notion about leadership. As a result that this is whole science and it is necessary to study it and it is very interesting. I liked else the methods of the teaching and attitude of trainers to participants i.e. well-disposed and simple friendly relations, as well as I liked the high level of preparation of trainers".


Aynur Dosbaeva:

 "I liked the program of the seminar “Leading to Choices”, it helped me to gain confidence in myself, to put purposes correctly and how work with them. I have learnt to communicate with people and participate in interesting debates. I have offered to conduct the seminars on this program with attraction of all members of family".


Saida Duysekeeva:

"I consider that it is necessary to pass repeatedly the seminar “Leading to Choices”. Therefore that any once possible to open new galley proof of leadership for ourselves. I liked the theme "Creation of self-training organization", else lesson 12: "How define a success of organization" and exercise "Development of own program giving own experience to other people. Really, it is very interesting".


Anna Boronina:

"I came to this seminar for the reason to get more confidence in myself and to reach this purpose I began immediately after the first lesson. I liked the situation very much; it was given a possibility to discuss easily in decision of the problems, which were close looked like my family problems. I felt myself convenient in group since I saw understanding and approval of the people to one another.

I want to have more young people only to fall into adult life and after such seminars their life will go on harmony, it was an ascent in development of the outlook to become the leader with correct notion of the achievement integer".


Aydana Erimbetova:

"I liked very much the first lesson, history of Asmy Khader, as well as work in groups since it was possible to learn to listen to others. And I like to work and discuss together. The seminar “Leading to Choices” will serve me example in the whole of my further life. I like very much to help people, and I think that I also reach such results, which were reached by the women-leaders, whose histories we analyzed during the lessons".


Gulnara Dauletova:

"I liked very much. I have learnt new for me skills of leadership and I shall use it in my personal, family life. I have many my own purposes and I shall reach them. After visit the seminar “Leading to Choices” I found several ways of the decision of my own problems. Now I shall be able to help myself and surrounding me people. It is plenty of useful information and all is interesting".

Dinara Iztleuova:

"I liked the seminar “Leading to Choices” very much. It was easily for me to participate in group lessons, since each participant pertained to one another as personalities, which all deal super able. I have felt lightness in contact with others since we communicated without complex to our defect. As well as I liked conduction and organization of the seminar, how trainers present the information. My attitude to life was vastly changed; now I consider that it is possible realize my purposes in reality.

I recommend selecting more time for future seminars".


Elika Panfilova:

"This seminar gave me much positive. I have learnt to say my opinion correctly and without conflict. Now I know, as it is possible to find a compromise in any situations. I liked the development a project and their protection, questions for discussing, self-awareness, extension of the vision each other in teamwork.


Julia Boiko:

"I should like to wish that you should conduct the seminar “Leading to Choices” with surrounding people of each of participant. This seminar helped me to get to know myself and to learn much about other people".