. Istomin



There are very many students per soul of the population today. Everybody learns or nearly everybody. It is clear with boys: "Under all wealth of the choice there are not other alternatives". Unless consider, certainly, army. But girls For example, they are more than boys. They learn language, natural, humanitarian science. And it is well, of course, to study Physics, Chemistry, to understand Literature, but it is necessary to know for modern woman about their own political rights.

This year Almaty Womens Information Centre (AWIC) materially supported by Tacis - Phare, was conducted regularly general educational programs. One of the participants of the course "Rights of women. The Educational Program for women" was Gulnara Karabaevna Karakulova, our countrywoman, the teacher of the department of the Russian language and literature of South Kazakhstan State University. Having participated in five Almaty seminars, Gulnara Karabaevna can conduct the same seminars on spreading the knowledge in the field of rights of women herself in her region.

I was on the second such meeting as counterpart hour with the first year students-girls philologists of FI983R group. The meeting was expected a greatly free contact because it was as "round table". It was discussed the interested articles, argued. This time the future linguists spoke about political rights of women. Everybody liked of presentation of each participant with merry, humour. Participants imaged themselves as the music instrument and then girls explained their choice.

Gulnara Karabaevna said to me then:

- It is a pity that not many of girls can communicate, argue and discuss interesting their problems easy. Some of them are ashamed, other are not communicative people. I want they should be active. If they are active such kind of character will help them in their life. We have a lot of meetings and themes for conversations in future.

Before my going of the meeting I asked them with the serious face: "And a real place of the women is not from the kitchen to the threshold, isnt it?" You could see their emotions!


"Own newspaper", 46 (358), November 12, 1998