South Kazakhstan 138 (18.366) Friday, November 16 2007


For the first time I am at the meeting of the discussion club, - A. Abenova, a representative of the fund of support of mothers with a large family "Gibrat" has divided by her impressions about the meeting in Womens Resource Centre - And what I have heard about leadership and about a real result of work of groups of self-help it is inspired simply on creation the same one under the fund.

So, many women address to us for help. And I have understood today that part of problems they can solve themselves, united in groups of self-help (GSH).

Having got consultation and training materials, I think, we are able to organize them under the fund.


Success of GSH is in personalities of the leader


Not only she, but also all rest of 26 participants of the meeting have valued in high level its practical side. One side it is said simply about need of the development of the leadership and qualities of the leader, other side is to listen to those who has already had such qualities and manifested themselves in the concrete deal.

Marzhan Erdenova created group of self-help (GSH) "Densaulyk" from Kaynar-Bulak has found the people with the same purpose to make better life of the village. They go to the voluntary work for this purpose, involving inhabitants in it, put the trees and bushes, fight for purity in the streets and that children went to school clean and clean-cut, petition about repair of the roads. Marzhan is already well-known as a leader for a long time. Anar Zhunisbekova, head of educational work at school is example for her. She is clever, legally literate, principle. It was decided the matter with the building of school on the former dacha array by her persistence. And soon the standard building will be delivered for the usage. Anar helps the group in work with children left by parents or from bad families, children without parents. She decides the problems with the documents, directions to children houses or searching for families, ready to take such children on adoption. She agrees with the opinion of GSH that in "in healthy society must not be unhappy children".

One more leader from Kaynar-Bulak is Zoya Tarasova, a teacher of school 59. Her GSH "Machine operator" helped members of garden group with the same name to legalize their own buildings and areas, obtained the order with payment for water and electric power. It had to go against the chairman and even to court for it. But the group has proved that it could solve their own problems itself. GSH from Tassay managed by Rustamkhon Khusankhanov has done the same.

His group of self-help with the support of the local authority and Womens Resource Centre (the last on has given two thousand euro on buying the pipes) has solved the old problem with provision of their area by drinking water. But now it is going to conduct it to each house.

Such activation of the groups is explained by those reasons that during the year leaders were trained actively, advised by M. Zobnina and M. Kopytina, the representatives of Almaty association "Moldir". They have prepared and have distributed practical instructions on organizations of work of groups of self-help, founded on experience of work of associations for this meeting to all its participants.

Leaders are not voted from the management now. They become themselves if person feels in himself not only desire, but also readiness to change something in surrounding life to the best. Two year work of Womens Resource Center in this plan already gives concrete examples in this case. And accents in debates are changed, too. On the last debate it was not already argued about that, as it was on the first debates, how many leaders we need. It was spoken of that, who we named them, where such qualities were realized, how to pass the difficulties on way to the achievement of the purpose. And it seems that debate was effective.


IN THE PICTURE: moments of the meeting of discussion club.