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Mission and tasks of the organization:

1.To promote active participation of women and youth in life of the society. Civil    and legal education of women. Promoting women in a social and life orientation    under the conditions of building civil society and democracy;

2.To create favorable conditions in order to establish in the society a nonviolent    relationships model via supporting women and children, who have suffered    violence;

3.To promote the development of NGOs and initiatory groups for their active    participating in democratization of the society and solving of social problems.

The Women Resource Center operates within the scope of four sections, which are:



- Educating seminars, training, lectures on the issues of woman rights, political leadership of women, preventive measures   against people' traffic and struggle against violence are conducted in the frameworks of this program. The objective pursued is   to educate and nurture qualities of a leader in women of different age.



-  We have launched a large-scale information campaign for prevention of people' traffic.

-  Informational services are provided for the purpose of enhancing competitiveness of women in economical, social and political    activities; educating and publishing activities related to the issues of health, ecology, rights, and culture.



-  Consulting services of a professional psychologist and a lawyer, services of People Traffic Hotline operator and Trust Line    operator for preventive measures against violence.



- Carrying out gender, health, rights, and culture research; express opinion polls and surveys.